Nepal: a adventure paradise

Map of Nepal

Every individual residing whichever part of the world will definitely recognize this scintillating natural heritage site as the Himalayas of Nepal. These enticing Himalayas out of Nepal of course, you might have suddenly be reminded of Mt. Everest (8,848 m) a beautiful gift of nature, a world heritage which will not just tantalize you with its exotic view but also inspire you to conquer it. Do come and dare to fulfill the desire to step at the highest peak of the world. The peak is awaiting your amiable company.
Yes this is Nepal, a country will all level of adventure available that one dare to experience. Mountaineering, Rafting, Kayaking, Cannoning, Paragliding, Rock climbing, Bungy jumping, Ultra light flight, Mountain flight etc. are the hugely growing adventure sports in Nepal. Trekking is another primary attraction of Nepal, which everyone has option to try from grade basic to challenging. So, don’t be idle anymore, Nepal is awaiting your amiable company. Just give your hand and be a part of its thrill.


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