10 coolest places to visit in 2015

This earth is enormous, getting bigger and better day by day. Every peoples in the world has keen interest to visit new, beautiful and coolest places, of course they do have long list of wishes and every time they look roaming a new corner of this world.

SO, in this season of travel, Forbes has publish a list of top 10 coolest places to visit in this 2015. Here is the hot list for 2015:

  1. Iceland

Iceland is a place where trolls and fairies are rumored to wander the painted hills, jump the ice crevices, bathe in the natural hot springs and scale of the misty cliffs. So travelling to Iceland is filled with adventure, incredible landscapes, folklore and understated pleasures.

  1. Adventurous Morocco

Trek to Atlas mountain, stopping at waterfalls, speed down dunes on sand boards, Zip line between mountain peaks, watch the sunset from Camel back and perhaps learn the secrets of desserts from the local hosts, that’s what Morocco has to offer you.

  1. Vietnam

From sleepy fishing villages to the rooftop discos of Saigon, age-old tradition meets cosmopolitan modernity in today’s Vietnam are the best to spend your lifelong holidays.

  1. America’s Serengeti: The American Prairie Reserve

Under way experience, Safari tents, largest national park, wild lives are the coolest things to explore here.

  1. Tantalizing Tasmania

Travel innovators are beginning to take advantage of this diverse destination rich in stunning landscapes, a homegrown food culture, and wildlife adventures that rival the Galapagos, South Africa and New- Zealand.

  1. Colombia

Colombia encompasses everything from pristine Caribbean coastlines, picturesque cobblestone streets, exotic Amazon rain forest, UNESCO sites, buzzing metropolis of Bogota and some of world’s most vivacious peoples.

  1. Japan: past and present

Highly appreciated food, anticipated new properties and technologies, historical landmarks and chance to experience traditional practices, famous Tsukji Fish Market with distinction between past and present are the authentic features of Japan.

  1. Argentine Patagonia

In recent years, the Chilean luxury Patagonia has been growing popularity. Most adventurous long dessert till to the end of eye, untouched landscapes of glaciers, crystal pools and jagged mountain peaks are the unique features if this dramatized land.

  1. Nepal: above and beyond

Long beyond as a Trekking paradise, Nepal is slowly emerging as a luxury destination. Astonishing beauty of diverse artistic traditions, sun rises above the Himalayas, stroll bucolic mountain valleys, explore impressive temples and monasteries, boat ride on Phewa Lake are just above and beyond of others. Plan now, catch and helping hand and make a dream journey to this land of all wonders.


  • Sri Lanka for wildlife

Now the country is at peace, most love to travel there and the main draw is wildlife. Elusive Leopards, wild elephants, boar, sloth bears and dazzling bird life from peacocks to hornbills roam this surprisingly diverse Island.


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